Woman’s lips swell to thrice their size after Botox accident

A woman's lip swells to thrice its size after botox accident.

hile we know that artificial beauty treatments usually have more cons than pros, we sometimes forget that the side effects can be quite extreme.

And that is exactly what this 29-year-old woman from Leicestershire learnt the hard way. Rachael Knappier received a lip filler injection at her friend’s house.

After the injection was administered, she said that she shouted out in pain and was told that it was normal. But normal soon turned into catastrophic.

Within a few hours of receiving the injection, Rachael’s lips started swelling. Her upper lip swell to thrice its original size. She talked to her beautician who told her that it was just an allergic reaction, and that she should take antihistamine.

The beautician who freaked out herself too asked Rachael to put an ice pack on her lip. Despite that when the lip kept growing in size, Rachael immediately rushed to emergency at a hospital.

The doctors there then told her that National Health Service could not do anything about the lip fillers as that wasn’t covered by them. They could only check to ascertain that she was in no immediate danger.

She said that she was sick and did not step out of the house for a week.

After consulting a local aesthetic nurse, she then went to a professional clinic in London, where the doctors dissolved the filler. 72 hours post that, her lips were back to their normal size.

Rachael told tabloids in the UK that she was left traumatised by the incident and would not wish it even for her worst enemy.

She has also started a petition calling for aesthetic medical treatments to only be performed by doctors, nurses and dentists.