Sauna for Weight Loss: Can the steam sessions shed the extra fat off your body?

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Many people ask questions about how one can lose weight without following any diet and workout. Losing weight without doing these vital components of weight loss seems impossible but let me tell you that there is one method which can promote weight loss and the same is by enjoying a Finnish bath which is commonly known sauna.

For those who are not aware of this heat session, in the same, one has to just sit and relax in a small room which has the facility to create high heat and steam so that bathers can perspire. Those who are wondering how sauna can help weight loss, let me explain how the bath works for those who want to lose weight.

Sauna boosts metabolism and lowers water weight and stress

The high temperatures in the sauna can boost your heart rate by 30%, and this, in turn, boosts up your metabolic rate by 20%. And when metabolism increases, it leads to more burning of calories. Also,sauna helps in losing the water weight. For the unversed, water weight contributes to 5 pounds of our total weight. With the help of the sauna, the excess stored water in our body can be reduced thanks to the heavy sweating.

Another vital benefit of sauna is that it helps us to relax and reduce stress. When the stress is lowered the stress hormone called Cortisol also reduces. Cortisol are released when we are under too much mental and physical stress and the hormone is responsible for the growth of harmful free radicals and inflammation in the body which hinders the weight loss.

Clears lymphatic system and improves stamina

Sauna also acts as a great detoxifier. During the sauna session, we sweat more and our body gets rid of all the toxins and the same makes you healthy. Also, the flush out of heavy metals and toxins clears the lymphatic system and the same leads to the burning of more fat. Also, the steam sessions will improve stamina which in turn help you to work out more, lift heavy weights and jog for more distance.

Bottom line is, one should not frequently use the sauna and also for more hours as the same can backfire. Ideally, one should have sauna baths for around two times a week. And also, if you want to achieve desired weight loss results, then combine the steam sessions such as physical activity and healthy diet. Last but not the least, one should keep themselves hydrated as a lot of water is lost post the session.