Quick Tip: How to Write Treatments That Win Jobs

In a story called “Reps and Creatives on the Importance of Treatments to Winning Commercial Jobs,” photographer’s rep Maren Levinson of Redeye draws on the insight and advice of her fellow reps and art producers.

Several years ago, Levinson says, Redeye started including PDFs of applicable images when submitting bids for jobs. She continues: “We noticed that well-designed PDFs gave us a competitive advantage over other artists. Treatments do the same. We now create treatments even if we are not asked for them.

“What are treatments exactly? Most of the time they are a 5-10 page PDF. Jason Lau (art producer at 180LA) says they should include:

1) Intro/Statement
2) Approach/Lighting Technique/Team (Production, Styling, Sets)
3) Casting
4) Reference/Mood Boards/Inspiration. Artists often include their own applicable work as well, marked as such.

“What makes the best treatments? Photographer’s rep Carol LeFlufy of Eye Forwardsays, ‘Design and image pulls make a big difference.’ So does ‘listening to what happened on the call. I’ve heard of people who tape conference calls so that their treatment carefully addresses everything said on the call.’

Levinson continues: “I focus a lot on impact when working with my artists’ treatments. They can pull all the right images, but the ones they start and end with, and the ones that take up the most space, make a giant difference in terms of overall impression. Are we leading with the type of imagery specifically mentioned on the call? Is it clear right off the bat that this project is in the artist’s wheelhouse?

“Treatments are yet one more opportunity to show what you are about and the rigor of your creative and production package [and] convince your possible collaborators you are the right person for the job.”

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