Police continue to investigate double murder-suicide

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Police continue to investigate a double murder-suicide that happened at Adams Circle in Ballston Spa.

“My agency was requested to check the well fare of Steven Jones, who resides at 723 Adams Circle in the village of Ballston Spa after he failed to show up to work for several days” said Ballston Spa Police Chief David Bush.

At the check up, police discovered Steven Jones dead inside his home, along with his wife Jennifer and 12 year old daughter, Emma.

“Jennifer and Emma Jones both died as a result of injuries they sustained from being shot with a fire arm,” said Chief Bush. “Steven Jones died as a result of injuries he sustained from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

Police said there is still no word on a motive.

Emma had been absent from school since Thursday.

The Ballston Spa superintendent described her as a bright 7th grader.

“Straight A student, a tennis player, involved in band and music in general” said Ken Slentz, Ballston Spa superintendent. “She was just all around a great kid.”

On Monday the Ballston Spa School District will have a one hour delay, and grief counceling will be offered.

Neighbors have dropped off flowers in front of the Jones’ home. Many of them, including Natalie McKay, are heartbroken.

“They are going to be missed,” she said. “I don’t even know how to talk to our children, they lost a friend. We lost friends and neighbors. Our whole community is just devastated.”

She also said she’s surprised by the incident.

“I spoke to them the other day and everything was fine. They were talking about the holidays they were decorating their trees, there was never any indication that anything was amiss at all.”

McKay and her family are taking care of the Jones’s dogs.