Little Beast Street Food Takes Over Uber Sausage Space

Chef Sung Choi says the Korean chicken sandwich has a light breading more like that of fried fish.

The eight-year-old Über Sausage at 2730 East Colfax Avenue served its last sausages in May, but the little shack with the big front porch is getting a new lease on life. Little Beast Street Food opens today, serving sandwiches and tacos inspired by international cuisine.

Little Beast is the joint project of Lee Hernandez-Ball, Sung Choi and Tyler Ryen, who met while the three worked together at Table 6. Hernandez-Ball explains that he was the general manager at Table 6 and Ryen was the executive chef, and Choi was most recently a sous-chef at Leven Deli. So the three bring fine-dining skills to a fast-casual environment.

The guys at Little Beast are ready for you.EXPAND

The guys at Little Beast are ready for you.
Mark Antonation

The opening menu includes griddled carnitas, chicken and picadillo tacos, house-ground brisket burgers,  shrimp po’boys, Cubanos and Korean fried chicken sandwiches. Hernandez-Ball notes that meats are all smoked, braised and roasted in-house, and sauces such as gochujang ketchup (for the fried chicken sandwich) are also made by Choi and Ryen.

Über Sausage only had room for a few seats inside, but a new counter along the front window is being added to accommodate an extra eight to ten guests. The patio, though, has plenty of picnic and cafe tables, and the elevated seating looking out onto Colfax Avenue feels appropriate for enjoying street food.

Little Beast has a full liquor license, and Hernandez-Ball says the focus will be on craft beer, but there are also a few wine and liquor options.