India Today-Axis My India exit poll gets Lok Sabha result spot on

India Today-Axis My India exit poll got predictions spot on

The India Today Group-Axis My India’s exit poll for the 2019 general elections was spot on, making the most accurate predictions of the Lok Sabha results.

The exit poll was India’s largest post poll prediction, surveying around eight lakh respondents across the country.

India Today-Axis My India exit poll had predicted the NDA would win 339 to 365 seats and the UPA 77 to 108.

On May 23, the day of the vote count, the NDA led in 350 seats followed by the UPA in 92 seats and others in 100 seats till 8 pm – exactly what the exit poll had forecast.

Ever since the India Today-Axis My India numbers came out, critics slammed the projections. Some called them unreliable, some inaccurate and some even alleged they were paid for.

As the results poured in, Pradeep Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of Axis My India broke down on national television.

The actual results had proven the naysayers wrong.

Pradeep Gupta attributed the accomplishment to team work.

“I have full faith in my team, which has been working rigorously for the past 40 days in each and every Lok Sabha constituency and also assembly segment,” Pradeep Gupta said.

“Training to ask the right questions was the major part of our success story so far. Our 500+ field force is our strength,” Pradeep Gupta said.

“We do make mistakes and but try to overcome them by not repeating them,” Pradeep Gupta added.

Among several other major polls, three had predicted less than 300 seats for the NDA; four showed the NDA crossing 300 – but none was as close to the final figure as the India Today-My Axis India forecast.

News18-IPSOS fared better among the remaining pollsters, projecting 336 seats for the NDA, 82 for the UPA and 124 for others.

Only News 24-Today’s Chanakya, came somewhat close to actual seat projections. It forecast 350 seats for the NDA, 95 for the UPA and 97 for others.